About Astute.

At Astute Motor Finance, we’re passionate about giving you the support you need to bring your plans closer to reality.

In June 2009, Russell Parker and Kerrod Casey founded Astute Motor Finance with a mission to bring common sense to the process of assessing loans especially for people with poor credit or unusual credit situations.

A focus on ‘person-based’ decisioning where the current situation is assessed holistically means Astute Motor Finance can often assist clients with their motor purchases where other lenders may not.

Run completely by the founders with assistance from established loan consultants Vikki, Suzie, Chris, Georgina and Antonette; Astute Motor Finance works with clients who are unable to access mainstream lending due to damaged credit records or other factors within the application that do not fit the strict credit criteria of traditional lenders.

Astute Motor Finance can also form part of a structured pathway towards a repaired credit rating—meaning clients can get back into mainstream lending in the future, with a positive track record of repayment with an Astute Motor Finance loan.

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